Debt Restructuring

Growing companies enter into loan agreements to pay for equipment needed to expand their businesses. Loans have different maturities and in most cases, the companies have built-in equity in the equipment. Our partners will pay off all your lenders and refinance all your equipment into one loan.

This can result in reduced payments of 30% or more, so your cash flow and bottom line are greatly improved.

Example of a few recent transactions:

A manufacturing company had combined monthly payments of $28,000 per month and showed a modest $10,000 a year in profits. Our partners were able to refinance all their loans and reduce their monthly payments to $16,000 per month. The refinance saved them $12,000 per month. Their bottom line was increased by a whopping $144,000 per year!


Another company was paying $26,000 per month for high interest loans. We consolidated and refinanced them into an SBA working capital loan, with up to 10 years to repay. There payments were reduced to $4,150 per month, with No Prepayment penalty! Their bottom line was increased by $262,000 per year!

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